We understand that today’s business conditions demand top talent. At Zing! Recruiting, we specialize in finding dedicated professionals with smarts, energy, talent, and fresh perspectives—professionals at the top of their game. Professionals who have what it takes to be competitive and innovative in today’s market. While we understand that qualifications and outstanding resumes are important, they don’t always tell the whole story. Real sourcing success is defined by the many ways we can identify potential candidates. We work to match client requirements and expectations. We’re always “sourcing” to find the best professionals for you.

In addition, we focus on your company’s unique culture. Many professionals are capable, but not all are the right match. To find professionals who fit, we personalize our relationship with each company we serve. We will assemble a plan—a plan to position professionals in your company who are not only bright and creative, but who offer the perfect balance for your team.

From industry to industry. From executives to managers. From IT experts and accountants to engineers and analysts. For companies large and small. We recruit professionals who Zing!


Because we tailor our methods to meet each client’s needs, we need to know where to look. That’s why we work so closely with our clients. Sometimes we need to throw a wide net. Sometimes we need to dig a deep trench. Sometimes we do both. We not only use traditional sourcing methods, we mix it up by using innovative approaches, like social media resources, that are developed and dictated for each unique client. Communication is key to finding the right professionals—people who Zing!


At Zing! Recruiting, professional candidates are not just faces to fill a position. They’re one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. Our primary recruiting element? The art of listening. We’re not here to “sell” candidates. We’re here to show them the opportunities that await them. That’s why our recruiting efforts include a pound of understanding to an ounce of selling. We believe they have to like us before they will consider any opportunities we’re offering them. Relationship and communication is what matters most.


While someone may look good on paper, they may not be exactly what they appear to be. That’s why we take pains to thoroughly investigate each candidate; it’s why we stand behind each of our candidates. We believe there’s a fine line between screening candidates “in” and screening them “out”. Additionally, even though a candidate may have impeccable credentials, they may not fit in with a company’s culture. Company culture is critical to each client and each engagement. Despite voices to the contrary, personality match matters. There’s much more to a candidate than just their resume.


At Zing!, we talk a lot about “client needs” because we believe this element is crucial to the process. This is why we intimately involve our clients in each step of the process. We believe that full participation by clients is the only way we can perform successfully. It’s more important to us to get honest feedback about our clients’ needs rather than attempt to “sell” our candidate, regardless of the fit. Your satisfaction and success matters to us more than “the sell”.


For us, the client relationship is the most important element. We want partnership, not placement. The essential difference is listening vs. hearing. We fully engage each of our clients with an ear toward understanding their objectives and requirements. We want to know how each client defines success and a successful candidate. We want to understand each of the key elements that drives a clients’ business. It’s about the partnership. Once that happens, successful placement naturally follows.