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Talent is More Important Than Capital

If you believe that capital will rule the future, think again.

Globalization, the post-economic recession and smarter uses of technology have proven that human talent will make or break companies of the future. Getting the right people in the right positions is key.

Consider this: hundreds of people apply for the same position. Often, none of them have the right mix of talent and expertise. As a result, companies either hire someone who doesn’t quite fit or the position remains unfilled. Either way, the company suffers. You can be sure that the right person does exist, but they need to be found.

Elite professionals, those with expertise and imagination, are in demand, but many already have a home base. Too often they’re apprehensive to make a change in the current economy. Unfortunately, many companies lack the time and resources to search comprehensively for these hidden gems. That’s why you need a plan. Posting a want ad online or in the newspaper, networking the same talent pools or waiting for the right professionals to walk through the door rarely works today.

Talent is the new competitive marker for companies. Finding it is tough. Companies need a plan. Do you Zing?

Talent is More Important Than Capital

Leadership and Management Are Critical To Business Success

Leadership and Management are distinctly different roles, but both are necessary. Leaders are visionaries. Managers help direct people to carry out the vision or established objectives. Without leadership, a company would never take a new course of action. Without management, a new course of action would not be implemented or already established aims would never be carried out effectively.

You need the right people in place to move forward. Leaders need foresight to develop successful long-term visions for your company; managers need the skills to put that vision in motion. Part of that vision should include a strategy that frees human capacity to reach its fullest potential for the coming demand for elite talent.

Quality is the Degree to Which Promises are Executed

To some, quality is subjective, understood differently by different people. But we believe that quality can be quantitative. It is the degree to which we execute the promises we make to the marketplace. If our clients don’t see the results we promise, we see that as a failure of quality. In other words, we do what we promise—it’s how well we do what we promise to. That’s because we know it’s the standard our clients expect of themselves and their own companies. And that’s the expectation we hold for ourselves.

Develop Talent for the Future

Because the marketplace has changed and talent is the most important commodity, companies need a hiring strategy. Waiting until a position needs filled will most certainly ensure that talent will be harder to find and the process will become more time consuming. Having a plan in place to fill key, open slots with the best talent might make or break a company’s future success. Simply hiring someone to fill a position has gone the way of the dinosaur. If companies don’t have a back-up plan, they won’t be able to compete with those that do. Being proactive with an ongoing hiring process and plan can keep companies in the game without interruption.

Today, more than ever, companies need to implement strategic staffing plans to eliminate even short-term gaps. The longer you go without high-caliber talent for key professional positions, the more of your resources go to waste. You don’t have time to worry about where to find professionals who zing. That’s where Zing Recruiting comes in, helping you to formulate a plan to find the best people when you need them.