Zing Recruiting

Zing Recruiting Has Been There

With more than 50 years of combined experience in sourcing and procuring top talent with unique skill sets in a variety of industries across the U.S., we get the right people in the right jobs. We understand the unique challenges associated with finding elite professionals, from one-person assignments to large recruiting projects. We’ve engaged in many productive recruiting engagements and RPOs (recruitment process outsourcing), and our experience and professionalism has resulted in tangible success for our clients.

Sourcing Expertise

Because our executives and recruiters bring a wide array of recruiting experience, we cast a wide net. Our proven research methods, contacts, and resources allow us to keep our ear to the ground. Our solid networks bring the elite talent directly to us. By maintaining constant contact and dialogue in the various markets we serve, we’re able to do what others can’t.

Recruiting Talent

Our recruiters know how to recruit. Not only do they bring their own experience, they undergo rigorous training through the most effective recruiting technologies developed by Zing. Our reputation consistently precedes us as we use techniques and solid business savvy that reaches below the surface of the markets to bring the most solid players to the table.

Innovative Approach

Because we first identify and then work with the unique needs of each of our clients, we’re able to innovate and develop the right solution to difficult recruiting problems. We break through cookie-cutter, predetermined explanations so that when others stall and fail, we deliver.

Effective Communication

Tactics can only take you so far. Communication matters. Without it, you can’t make things happen. That’s why part of our success lies in our ability to drive and facilitate communication between candidates and clients. Like you, we understand that content and context matter so the people you need to get the job done are hired as quickly as possible. We make sure everyone knows everything they need to know, when they need to know it—quickly, often.

The Search Is Over

The demanding search for professionals can burn you out if you don’t know where to look. Our confidential databases, interview process, and screening methods succeed where others fail. We have access to the largest network of elite talent. We evaluate, with precision, which candidate fits.