About Us

We Have One Job

We’re your partner in finding the right-fit professional. That’s who we are. That’s what we do.

Our Edge

Working with a national staffing firm has its advantages. We have access to databases and networks that others don’t. What makes us different? Our partnerships are your partnerships, giving your company added resources that others can’t.

Why Zing Recruiting?

It’s simple. Building and growing your company is your business. Finding the elite talent you need is ours. With our established, far-reaching resources and our proven operating procedures, we find hidden pools of talent that eliminate hiring mistakes. We work with you and your HR department, strategically matching innovative professionals to your company, finding the right talent the first time.

Part of what makes our recruiting professionals unique is their real-world experience. They’ve been right where you are. And they’ve committed their expertise to Zing. Our professionals have conducted successful recruiting engagements. They’ve interviewed talent. They’ve screened that talent. They’ve made real business hiring decisions. They don’t simply talk the talk. They’ve walked the walk and continue to develop their banks of talent in the same way they’ve managed their real-world abilities—with professionalism and Zing They understand that developing a network of talent is much like establishing and maintaining an effective social media presence. They take effective communication methods to the next level by reaching every diverse group of people by using every means possible.

About Zing

Unique Sourcing for Unique Needs

Targeted research and follow-through—that’s where it begins. It’s the perfect match. Hard and soft skills. Personal and professional attributes. Talent and ability. Smarts and imagination. We pinpoint the right candidates with the right mix.


  • We personalize our search to your company’s culture and available positions, finding the right fit.


  • We use our resources to find professionals with the right talents.


  • We verify references. We interview the elite candidates with you or for you.
  • We help you evaluate skills and attributes. We narrow the pool.


  • We continue the relationship, consulting with you to make sure the right talent is in the right position.

For us, each new assignment demands a customized approach. We don’t reinvent the wheel, but we do recreate each new search assignment to maximize results. We know that your time is valuable, which is why we customize searches to minimize time spent on each assignment. Efficiency that uncovers the very best talent for each client and each position is our main objective—an objective we take as seriously as if it were our very first assignment.

Solid Resources That Deliver Results

A professional recruiting organization needs to have the best resources at its disposal. Highly trained staff with real-life experience and expertise. The latest technology with partnerships that extend our reach. A can-do company culture that employs its resources to the maximum advantage for our clients. This is what we can give your company. This is what it means to Zing.

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