Direct-Hire Positions & Benefits Explained

18 Nov 2021, Posted by Zing Professional in Blog

A direct-hire position typically comes with a competitive salary and attractive benefits. This is one reason why this type of employment is so in-demand. Because you work for an employer full-time, a direct-hire role can be hard to find. Working with a staffing agency can…

Are You Looking for a New Job? Apply With Confidence

15 Sep 2021, Posted by Zing Professional in Blog

Finding a new job can be challenging. It often takes a long time to review job postings, update your cover letter and resume, and prepare for interviews. This is why staying motivated is so important. The better you feel throughout your search, the more likely you are to get the results…

How Lab Managers Can Create Positive Team Culture

16 Aug 2021, Posted by Zing Professional in Blog

As a lab manager, you play a key role in creating team culture. Your attitudes and behaviors set the example for how things are done, so you want to create the best culture you can. Implement these tips to cultivate a positive team culture. Ask…

Tips for Writing a Better Resume Cover Letter

15 Jun 2021, Posted by Zing Professional in Blog

Did you know you are more likely to be contacted for an interview when you include a compelling cover letter with your resume? A well-crafted cover letter grabs the reader’s attention and shows how your career path lines up with what the company is looking for….