Why Temporary Work is a Win-Win for Job Seekers and Businesses

February 22 2023 Posted by Zing Professional in Blog

In recent years, the job market has experienced a shift towards hiring temporary workers. Several factors have driven this shift, including economic changes, technological advancements, and evolving attitudes toward work. As a result, many businesses have turned to temporary workers to fill short-term staffing needs or evaluate potential long-term hires. 

While some people may view temp positions as a stopgap solution, the truth is that temporary work offers several benefits for both employers and job seekers. As the job market continues to evolve, it’s becoming increasingly clear that temporary work is not just a passing trend but a viable option for employers and job seekers alike.  

So whether you’re a recent graduate, exploring a new industry, or a business needing short-term staffing, temporary work is worth considering to achieve your goals. 

What Makes Temp Positions So Attractive?  

The appeal of temp positions depends on the immediate needs and long-term goals of both businesses and job seekers. 

For businesses, hiring employees on a per-project basis provides greater control over staffing costs. It also allows companies to access a pool of skilled professionals who can help complete projects on time without the commitment of a full-time hire.  

For job seekers, temp positions offer a level of flexibility and diversification of skills unmatched by traditional, full-time positions. The ability to “sample” a company before making a total commitment to a role provides job seekers with the opportunity to find a company and position that best fits them.  

So, what do these benefits mean in real-time? How do these advantages play out in the bigger picture of either running a more profitable, agile business or your career? Let’s take a closer look at the real-world benefits.  

Three Ways Temp Positions Benefit Job Seekers 

1) Increased Flexibility

Today’s workers are seriously busy. Between juggling job responsibilities with their personal and home life, many workers struggle to find a healthy work-life balance.   

That’s why temp positions can be a real lifesaver. One of the biggest perks of these roles is the flexibility they offer. For job seekers, this means being able to take on projects as they come without the long-term commitment of a full-time gig. 

2) Diversification of Skills

Temp positions also offer the opportunity to diversify one’s skill set. Working on different projects with different companies provides a unique learning experience, allowing job seekers to broaden their skill sets and gain new knowledge in various areas.  

For example, imagine you’ve worked in the accounting and finance sector for years, but you’d like to break into the marketing and sales support industry. You can build your skillset in that specialization by working in temp roles in marketing.  

What if it turns out you’re not fond of marketing? That’s fine because now you have more skills and experience to add to your resume without fully jumping into a new industry. This, in turn, makes you more marketable to potential employers. 

3) “Sampling” Employers

In the same way, you can try out another industry and build your skillset. Temp positions also allow job seekers to “sample” a company before fully committing to a full-time role.  

Before committing to a full-time position, job seekers can get a feel for the company culture, work environment and job duties. This can be particularly beneficial for those considering a career change and wanting to make sure they’re making the right move.  

Three Ways Temp Positions Benefit Employers  

1) It’s Cost-Effective for Businesses

For businesses, temp positions provide a cost-effective way to meet staffing needs. By hiring employees on a project-by-project basis, companies can avoid the risks and costs associated with hiring full-time employees, such as benefits, overtime pay and unemployment insurance. In addition, this gives businesses greater control over their staffing costs, which can be substantial. 

2) Access to Skilled Professionals

Temp positions also give businesses access to a pool of skilled professionals who can help complete special projects on time. This can be particularly beneficial for companies that need specialized skills or expertise but don’t want to make a full-time hire. By hiring a temp worker, businesses can get the skills they need when they need them most.  

3) Improved Employer Brand

Many businesses try hard to eliminate high turnover and low retention rates. This is especially true when high turnover rates can damage a business’ employer brand.   

By embracing a more temporary employment model, businesses can reduce the negative impact of high turnover rates on their employer brand. Instead of trying to eliminate high turnover, companies acknowledge that it is a reality and find ways to make it work in their favor.  

Further, temp employment can lead to positive employee experiences, improved reputation, reduced risk, and improved work-life balance, all of which can contribute to a more positive perception of the company as an employer.  

Is a Temp Position Right for You?  

In light of the numerous benefits that temp positions offer for both businesses and job seekers, it’s clear that temporary work is an attractive option for those looking to achieve their immediate and long-term goals.  

Whether you’re a recent graduate or exploring a new industry, taking a temporary role can help you gain new skills, build your resume, and achieve a better work-life balance. If you’re interested in exploring temp positions, Zing Recruiting’s team of experts can help you find the perfect place. Contact us today to learn more and start your journey toward a successful and rewarding career.