How to Bring Your Team Closer Together

August 15 2022 Posted by Zing Professional in Blog

Are you a manager who is looking for ways to increase team collaboration, productivity, and cohesion?  Do you want to elevate employee engagement, morale, and retention?

One of the best ways to attain these objectives is by organizing team-building activities. These activities encourage your team members to share who they are outside of work. This promotes respect and high levels of achievement among your team.

Implement these tips to increase cohesion in your team.

Set Your Objectives

Decide what you want your team-building activities to accomplish. Examples include strengthening teammate relationships, clarifying roles, and developing team problem-solving skills.

Provide Team-Building Options

Make some of your team-building activities optional. Many employees feel that mandatory exercises are intrusive and not a productive way to spend their time.

Plan Monthly Activities

Limit your team-building sessions to once a month. Most employees prefer this schedule more than weekly or quarterly sessions.

Keep Your Activities Inclusive

Consider each employee’s ability to participate in team-building activities. This includes their geographic location, age, interests, and any required accommodations.

Diversify Your Activities

Vary the types of activities you organize. This helps your team members showcase their strengths and talents.

Offer Unique Activities

Provide unique in-person and remote team-building activities for your employees. Examples include the following:

  • Tailored trivia: Let your team choose a theme, such as the 90s, the Oscars, or scary movies.
  • Virtual murder mystery: Divide your employees into teams to analyze clues, look over case files, and collaborate to solve a fictional case.
  • Social shuffle: Help your team members get to know each other by working through themed challenges.
  • Charity scavenger hunt: Have fun while raising money for a great cause.
  • Stranded on a mountain: See what would happen if your team were stranded in the forest of a snowy mountain and had to survive until the rescue team arrived.
  • Cooking or baking class: Schedule an in-person or virtual class to cook a seasonal meal or bake and decorate cookies.
  • LEGO-building challenge: Organize an in-person or virtual LEGO tower-building challenge.

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