Include These Soft Skills on Your Management Resume

January 17 2022 Posted by Zing Professional in Blog

Listing soft skills on your management resume is an integral part of your job search. Because interpersonal skills such as leadership, decision making, and organization are easier to develop than they are to teach, hiring managers emphasize the importance of hiring candidates with strong soft skills. Unlike some soft skills, necessary hard skills can be learned through on-the-job education and training.

List any of the following soft skills on your management resume to help you stand out during your job search.

Interpersonal Skills

Communication, collaboration, teamwork, customer relations, and customer service are important skills for managers. You may have used them to build trusting relationships with employees or explain the benefits of using a company’s products or services. Maybe you actively listened to team members’ concerns or worked with your team to solve a company problem. If so, briefly mention specific examples on your resume.


Conflict management, coaching, mentoring, and rapport-building are top management skills desired by employers. Perhaps after a company merger, you led teambuilding activities, clearly communicated performance goals, and attained cohesion among the newly formed departments. Be sure to mention similar examples on your resume.

Decision Making  

Adaptability, flexibility, problem-solving, and providing and implementing feedback are necessary skills for your management resume. Perhaps you conducted a customer survey to gain insight into which products or services were most valued and how they could be improved, then implemented changes to elevate sales and customer satisfaction. Consider including examples like this on your resume.

Work Habits

Multitasking, self-motivation, staying calm under pressure, being enthusiastic, and remaining energized are valuable management skills. Maybe you took on additional responsibilities after a layoff, continued to meet deadlines, and learned new skills by your own initiative. Include information like this on your resume.

Organizational Skills

Prioritization, planning, scheduling, and time management are highly regarded management skills. You may have coordinated a community outreach event by setting activity schedules, negotiating vendor contracts, and launching a marketing campaign while meeting tight deadlines. It’s great to include examples of soft skills like these on your resume.

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