Is Your Social Media Work Friendly?

February 6 2020 Posted by Zing Professional in Blog

Job searches entail a great deal of preparation including updating your resume, polishing your cover letter, and finding the perfect interview outfit. In this high-tech era, you must also make your social media work-friendly. Why make social media a part of your job search prep? Studies have found that more than 90 percent of companies review social media during their hiring process, with 75% of hiring managers looking into a candidate’s social accounts. Knowing the likelihood of their social browsing, here’s a guide to help make your social media accounts appropriate for hiring manager viewing.

Make a Positive Impression

In other words, keep it clean. Your days in college might have been fun, but party pictures could be detrimental to your image. Excessive profanity shows immaturity and limited vocabulary. Avoid insulting posts, ranting, or discussing divisive issues.

Mind your brand

Not everyone is concerned about a branding scheme, but some consistency is important. It can be as simple as using the same photos and name across all your social media platforms. This is a small step that can have a big impact on a potential employer.

Scale down

Focus on the social media platforms most pertinent to you and cultivate your accounts there. By taking more time for a quality presence instead of stretching yourself too thin, you will give employers a better indication of who you are.

Begin the next phase of your career

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