Start Hiring Again – The Value of the Contingent Lab Tech

August 19 2020 Posted by Zing Professional in Blog

Given the circumstances around the current global health crisis, you may have put a pause on hiring for the time being. Perhaps you needed to reevaluate your company’s financial situation as well as your staffing needs. Now, you may recognize the need for additional lab technicians, but you are unsure about the necessity when the pandemic ends. Embracing the value of the contingent lab tech may have you hiring again.

New techs on the job faster  

Hiring primarily for skills allows you to onboard new talent faster. The search is shortened, especially if you use a staffing firm. Once hired, the contingent worker does not require as much training time given their role in your organization. As a result, stress on your current techs is relieved.

No obligation long term  

When you opt for a direct hire, you are bringing on a new employee under the assumption that the role will exist for some time. By labeling the position as contingent and seeking out those interested in contract work, you remove the pressure to keep someone on when the work is completed.

Support from a staffing agency  

Finding a contingent hire is simple when you partner with a staffing agency. Their business is to specialize in certain fields, like lab work, and focus on recruiting to keep a talent bench. This way, when a client needs to find a specialized candidate, they have options ready and waiting.

Zing Professional Recruiting is one such firm with the experience and knowledge clients are looking for when they need professional talent, including lab technicians. Your business demands top talent, whether you want someone in a contract, contract-to-hire, or direct hire position, we are always sourcing the best professionals for you. Contact Zing today to begin building your team with our talent!