Happy 4th of July!

02 Jul 2020, Posted by Zing Professional in Blog

In observance of the 4th of July, our offices will be closed on Friday, July 3rd. We hope you have a safe and enjoyable time celebrating with family. Happy 4th of July!

Is Your Social Media Work Friendly?

06 Feb 2020, Posted by Zing Professional in Blog

Job searches entail a great deal of preparation including updating your resume, polishing your cover letter, and finding the perfect interview outfit. In this high-tech era, you must also make your social media work-friendly. Why make social media a part of your job search prep?…

How to Tell Your Boss You Made a Mistake

20 Jan 2020, Posted by Zing Professional in Blog

We all make mistakes. Some mistakes are minor and easily corrected. You may be annoyed with yourself, but you can quickly remedy the situation. What should you do when the mistake is more difficult to straighten out? Plans and thoughts are running wildly through your…

3 Tips for Making Your Resume Stand Out From the Crowd

07 Mar 2019, Posted by Zing Professional in Blog

During your job search, you may locate what seems like the perfect position for you. Your skillset is a great fit and you admire the company. Upon completing the application requirements and submitting your resume, you feel confident about your prospective new path, but there…

5 Goals Your Company Can Set in the New Year

07 Feb 2019, Posted by Zing Professional in Blog, Uncategorized

Resolution-making is a tradition among individuals, but that doesn’t mean your company can’t set its own goals for the new year. Check out these five goals for bettering your company. Focus on your culture A toxic company culture can affect nearly every area of your…