How Lab Managers Can Create Positive Team Culture

August 16 2021 Posted by Zing Professional in Blog

As a lab manager, you play a key role in creating team culture. Your attitudes and behaviors set the example for how things are done, so you want to create the best culture you can.

Implement these tips to cultivate a positive team culture.

Ask How Your Team Members Are Doing

Your employees’ mental health is essential during the pandemic. Whether they are working remotely or in the lab, you should regularly check in with each team member to see how they are handling work-life integration. If an employee wants to share a personal issue, then actively listen. Let them steer the conversation. Occasionally paraphrase or ask a relevant question. Avoid offering solutions unless asked. If a staff member does not want to share their personal life, transition the conversation to job-related issues. This approach shows you value your team members and respect their privacy.

Understand Your Employees’ Motivations

Use your interactions with team members to uncover their likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, interests and disinterests. Gaining this type of insight lets you assign tasks according to what each team member does best and the areas where they want to develop their skills. Understanding your employees promotes engagement, learning, and a happy work environment.

Provide Inspiration to Perform

Explain the purpose of the lab work to encourage your team to carry out their tasks, which includes the benefits provided by their work and how the results will impact others. For instance, clinicians may depend on your team for accurate and timely lab information to diagnose diseases and manage their patients’ health throughout treatment and recovery. Providing meaningful work increases engagement and productivity.

Encourage Autonomy

Let your employees work as independently as possible to solve problems. Having a sense of ownership over their work increases motivation to perform. Letting your team use their intelligence and discretion shows you trust them to perform their best.

Express Appreciation

Regularly show how grateful you are for your team’s contributions and results. Pointing out specific ways each member contributed to reaching a goal shows you value their work. You may want to order in lunch when your team achieves a significant milestone or challenging objective. Be sure to reward them with bonuses and raises when appropriate.

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