How Often Should I Give My Employees Safety Training?

June 15 2022 Posted by Zing Professional in Blog

Running a lab requires a high level of safety training. Because your employees handle potentially dangerous chemicals, they need to understand proper protocols to effectively handle them.

Even if your employees have prior lab experience, you must regularly train them on lab-specific protocols. Because all labs are different, proper training is required to maintain safety in the lab.

Follow these guidelines to provide safety training at the appropriate times for your lab employees.

Require Reading of the Safety Manual During Onboarding

Having your new hire read the safety manual is the best way to prepare them for their role. This provides a foundational knowledge of how safety works in your lab before moving on to training.

Your safety manual should provide an overview of the lab, its contents, and general safety procedures. Once your new hire finishes reading the manual, set up a time to answer their questions before moving to training.

Provide a Walkthrough of the Lab

Take your new hire through the lab to show them where everything is and how it works. If your lab is a considerable size, you may want to break up this process over a few days.

Go over the procedures for handling the materials and chemicals. Have your new hire repeat the instructions back to you in their own words. This helps reinforce their understanding of proper procedures.

Train on Relevant Lab Issues

Conduct training for all employees on the safety issues involved with the materials in the lab. This may include hazard communication, chemical hygiene, biosafety, and emergency procedures.

Provide hands-on training of the established work practices for each employee’s role. Make sure the employee understands the protocol and what to do in case a safety hazard occurs.

Provide Safety Incentives

Let your employees know what they can gain by keeping the lab safe at all times. This provides additional motivation to work hard and adhere to the rules.

You may offer to provide lunch for your team after a set number of days free of safety-related issues. This shows you value your employees’ safety and need everyone to help keep the lab safe.

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