How to Demonstrate Your Added Value at Work to a Potential Employer

July 15 2022 Posted by Zing Professional in Blog

Employers want to hire candidates who can add value to their organization. Prospective employers need to see how the candidates contributed to their previous employers’ success and could potentially benefit their next employer.

As a result, you need to show a hiring manager what you have to offer their company. Demonstrating in your cover letter and resume the value you provided for your previous employers provides examples of what you can do for your next employer. You can discuss your accomplishments in more detail during an interview.

Follow these guidelines to show a hiring manager the value you can provide their organization.

Demonstrate Success in Your Previous Roles

Use the job posting to determine which responsibilities are most important for the role you want. Then, write down how you fulfilled similar responsibilities in previous roles. Include examples of your achievements and how they benefitted the organization. Also, quantify your accomplishments to provide context.

You may want to mention profitability, time saved, costs reduced, or processes improved. For instance, “provided technical support, maintenance, and calibration for 35+ centrifuges, scales, and microscopes. Reduced downtime from equipment failure by 25%.”

Mention Your Employee Recognition

Sharing your recognition from previous employers shows the value you added to their companies. Include active verbs and value-related keywords when describing what you did to earn this recognition. Examples include achieved, created, developed, generated, and launched.

Highlight Your Achievements

Detail your job responsibilities and accomplishments in the Experience section of your resume. You may want to mention your most relevant accomplishments in your Summary section as well. Plus, include in your cover letter two to three of your skills that you used to reach business goals.

Talk About Your Successes

Provide insight into your accomplishments during an interview. For instance, “When I worked as a researcher, my team needed thirty more samples to finish our study. We didn’t know if we would meet our deadline with that many samples left. Because I wanted my team to complete our study on time, I offered to work two additional hours each night. I collected the samples in time for us to submit our completed study. This was worthwhile because our study was widely acclaimed across the university.”

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