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4 Questions to Ask in Your Next Interview

15 Sep 2022, Posted by Zing Professional in Blog

A job interview is a two-way discussion. As the interviewer evaluates your skills and experience, you need to determine whether the company and role are a good fit for your goals and interests.   One of the best ways to make informed decisions about the organization…

How to Demonstrate Your Added Value at Work to a Potential Employer

15 Jul 2022, Posted by Zing Professional in Blog

Employers want to hire candidates who can add value to their organization. Prospective employers need to see how the candidates contributed to their previous employers’ success and could potentially benefit their next employer. As a result, you need to show a hiring manager what you…

Are You Looking for a New Job? Apply With Confidence

15 Sep 2021, Posted by Zing Professional in Blog

Finding a new job can be challenging. It often takes a long time to review job postings, update your cover letter and resume, and prepare for interviews. This is why staying motivated is so important. The better you feel throughout your search, the more likely you are to get the results…

Tips for Writing a Better Resume Cover Letter

15 Jun 2021, Posted by Zing Professional in Blog

Did you know you are more likely to be contacted for an interview when you include a compelling cover letter with your resume? A well-crafted cover letter grabs the reader’s attention and shows how your career path lines up with what the company is looking for….