Tips for Writing a Better Resume Cover Letter

June 15 2021 Posted by Zing Professional in Blog

Did you know you are more likely to be contacted for an interview when you include a compelling cover letter with your resume? A well-crafted cover letter grabs the reader’s attention and shows how your career path lines up with what the company is looking for. It also shows your fit with the job responsibilities and how you deliver results.

Follow these six tips to craft an engaging cover letter.

1. Customize Your Cover Letter 

Tailor each cover letter to the company and recipient. This shows you read the job description and understand what would be expected of you. Show why you are excited to apply for the role and how your qualifications make you best suited to deliver results. Keep your paragraphs to one page or less.

2. Include a Direct Contact 

Address your cover letter to the hiring manager, a member of HR, or another person listed in the job posting. If no direct contact is mentioned, call the company to see who is hiring for the role. Search the individual’s LinkedIn profile to see their interests and use your findings to create an emotional connection. If your cover letter stands out, your odds of being contacted for an interview increase.

3. Engage With Your Lead 

Draw in the reader by sharing what impresses you most about the organization and specific reasons why you want to take on the role. Choose something that stands out and is memorable. This may include your passion for the work or past accomplishments that demonstrate success in the field.

4. Mention the Value You Provide 

Use the job description to explain specifically how your contributions would benefit the organization. Include three to four bullet points that quantify how you would deliver on the key priorities mentioned in the job description. Focus on your most valuable strengths and transferrable skills for the role. Include quantifiable ways you made or saved money or increased efficiency for previous employers and can do the same for your next employer.

5. Finish With a Call to Action 

Conclude your cover letter asking the reader to contact you at their earliest convenience. Let them know you look forward to hearing from them.

6. Proofread 

Read your cover letter aloud several times. Along with spelling and punctuation, pay attention to your word flow, tone, and sentence structure. Make the necessary changes before having a family member or friend read your cover letter. Ask whether it truly sells you as the best candidate for the role and gets the reader excited. Reread your final copy before submitting it with your resume.

Talk With a Recruiter

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